Avondhu Blackwater Partnership Tús Workers Uphold a Strong Work Ethic Today

TUS Roaming Team

TUS Roaming Team

Avondhu Blackwater Partnership, the local integrated LEADER Partnership Company for North County Cork, administers the Tús Community work placement initiative for the Mallow, Blarney and Fermoy area.

Presently the company is responsible for the placement and supervision of 120 workers annually who are placed in the Community and voluntary sectors. Roles vary from administration, to community enhancement, caretaking to social care, but one common factor prevails for all those taking part and that is the dedication and commitment to hard work and community inclusion that they demonstrate.

The aim of the Tús initiative is to allow new experiences to be gained but also participant’s skills and talents to be utilised in a community and voluntary organisation. Organisations that have availed of Tús workers have benefitted from a dedicated workforce who display pride in their work and giving back to the local community.

Civic inclusion and the ability to exercise skills and abilities while learning new capabilities, is ensuring the continued success of the Tús initiative. Avondhu Blackwater Partnership have proudly administered Tús since 2011 and would like to highlight the good works of all the past and present participants who have displayed such a strong work ethic and willingness.

According to a company spokesperson ‘It is easy to dismiss and complain about the present state of affairs both locally and nationally but what Tús at all times demonstrates is the determination and dedication of our local communities, our local voluntary organisations and our local workforce’. ‘Tús stands for pride in work, pride in learning and pride in giving back to our local community, principles that Avondhu Blackwater Partnership have long stood for and advance continuously thorough the various programmes and works delivered by the company’. For anyone interested in finding out more about Avondhu Blackwater Partnership and the Tús programme please call 025-33411 or log onto http://www.avondhublackwater.com/


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