Avondhu Blackwater Partnership Recruit for Fifth Tús Scheme

TUS Roaming Team

TUS Roaming Team

Avondhu Blackwater Partnership Ltd has been administering the Tús, community work placement scheme, since June 2011 to much success. The Tús initiative is a community work placement scheme providing short-term one year working opportunities for unemployed people in the Community and Voluntary sector. The Scheme is funded by the Department of Social Protection and the overall aim of the initiative is to allow the participants to use their skills and talents in a work place setting. At the same time, the scheme allows Community and Voluntary groups to benefit from the skills of the people in the Avondhu Blackwater Partnership locality namely Mallow, Blarney and Fermoy and the surrounding villages and environs. On foot of a successful two years, Avondhu Blackwater Partnership agreed to recruit for an additional 20 placements at the start of 2013 bringing to five Tús schemes of 20 participants being administered by Avondhu Blackwater Partnership.

According to Adrian Murphy, one of the five Tús Supervisors with Avondhu Blackwater Partnership, ‘the main misconceptions about Tús is that work is limited to general outdoor maintenance projects and environmental services. Yes we have many quality workers under this banner but at the same time the company has recruited and placed Administrators, Receptionists, Researchers, Retails workers in Charity shops, Caretakers and even an Actor, a photographer, and musician’. 

At the same time, Adrian was keen to point out the pride that the company has in its Roaming team of skilled maintenance workers that are available to undertake community enhancement projects for local communities in the Avondhu Blackwater Partnership area of interest. He continued I cannot emphasis enough that Individuals are recruited and placed where their skills are utilised to the full and where they have the opportunity to learn new skills’. He continuedwe have a great working relationship with the participants, Community and Voluntary groups and the Department of Social protection. We also work closely with a Career Coach and CV and Interview experts that ensure that time on Tús is a fully rounded experience. Participants are afforded the opportunity to not only utilise and learn new skills but are also empowered to progress their career relevantly and sell their talents and abilities positively in interview scenarios’.

Adrian concludedOverall Avondhu Blackwater Partnership as a company is determined to help the jobseekers in our area. Tús is only one aspect of this determination to help advance the prospect of the unemployed. Avondhu Blackwater Partnerhsip has existing CV services, a Career Coach service, a Small Business advisor and is constantly organising training courses relevant to up skilling the unemployed’.

For anyone interested in receiving information about these services or for any Community  and Voluntary Group interested in availing of the Tús initiative please contact Avondhu Blackwater Partnerhship on 024 33411 or specifically in relation to the Tús initiative please call 0864112818.



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