Fermoy Tidy Towns Committee to “Clean up”

Fermoy Tidy Towns Committee to Clean Up

Following on from the tireless work and dedication of the Fermoy Tidy Towns Committee in 2009, Fermoy Image Improvement Group and Cllr .John Murphy, the newly rejuvenated Fermoy Tidy Towns committee, aims to improve the image of Fermoy and its environs. Steered by Fermoy Town Council Mayor, Cllr. Noel McCarthy and Secretary Christy Roche, with the backing of Fermoy Business Association, local Schools and various Resident Associations, the group have developed a Five Year Strategic Plan which will assist the group to focus on the short and medium term requirements for the area.

Cllr. Noel McCarthy recognised the determination and hard work of the management and staff of Fermoy Town Council and the residents of Fermoy for their ongoing support in maintaining their areas to such high standard. He commented that “This is credit to those who work behind the scenes and we applaud you.” He further commented that “these achievements would not be possible without the vital contribution of dedicated volunteers.”

Fermoy Tidy Towns Committee has obtained the services of Dr. Michael John O’Mahony, An Taisce, and John Doran, Landscape Architect, whose expertise has been used to develop and inform the Five Year Strategic Plan. The Committee will also be sourcing funding from Avondhu Blackwater Partnership through the Rural Development Programme 2007 – 2013 and Local and Community Development Programme and from other local funding sources.

Christy Roche commented that “the residents and businesses of Fermoy must ensure that Fermoy is looking its best. We must all work together to build on the achievements to date and continue to enhance our town.”

Valerie Murphy, Chief Executive Avondhu Blackwater Partnership, added that with the economic pressures on people today, it is a tribute to all that, despite these pressures, the town of Fermoy has accomplished so much in recent years. She also acknowledged the hard work and effort that the previous Committee, Town Council, Businesses and Residents accomplished.


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