Sincere gratitude extended to Frank Dingivan and Raymond McGuire for their hard work with Fermoy Tidy Towns

Avondhu Blackwater Partnership bid farewell this week to Raymond McGuire and Frank Dingivan, two of the company’s first participants under the government initiative Tús.

Tús was designed to provide one year quality work placements in the Community and Voluntary sector and is administered locally by Avondhu Blackwater Partnership. Consequently Frank Dingivan and Raymond McGuire were placed with Fermoy Tidy Towns in August 2011.

They took to their role with unrivalled enthusiasm and dedication. Their skills and talents were very much needed by Fermoy Tidy towns to continue the good work done by the community group since its formation. The professionalism and diligence of the two men was clearly evident by the clean streets and pathways in the areas manned by Frank and Raymond. Raymond McGuire’s initiative and keen eye for what jobs needed to be prioritized and Frank’s ability to apply his skills to any tasks no matter how big or small mean they formed the perfect recruits for Fermoy Tidy Towns.

Sincere gratitude and recognition of all the work done by Frank and Raymond was extended by Cllr Noel McCarthy, Chairman of Fermoy Tidy Towns. Meanwhile Valerie Murphy, CEO of Avondhu Blackwater Partnership, added that she was ‘sorry to see them go’. She continued to commend the men for their hard work and wanted to highlight the difference that Frank and Raymond made to the community. ‘Raymond and Frank demonstrate community spirit at its strongest and have been a great example to others. They will be missed by all at the company’.


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