Lighting the Way – An Information Resource to Support People who are Bereaved through Suicide

lightingthewaynorthcork-1Suicide is a tragic and shattering reality, which not only brings a life to an untimely end but also has a far reaching effect on family, friends, colleagues and communities.

This project represents the second edition in a planned series of ‘’ information resource booklets covering various areas of Cork City and County and follows on from the successful development and launch of the original ‘Lighting the Way’ information resource booklet in Cork City in 2013.

‘Lighting the Way’ is an information support for those bereaved through suicide but also a resource for those working directly with individuals and families who have lost loved ones. The resource aims to improve the level of information and support in the community following a death by suicide and assist those bereaved through suicide in finding and accessing supports locally and nationally as well providing information on the processes involved immediately after the suicide.

The development of ‘Lighting the Way’ North Cork – An Information Resource to support people bereaved through suicide is a collaborative initiative between the Cork North Community Work Department, HSE South with An Gardaí Síochána as well as involving a working group made up of various organisations with a vested interest in the project. The geographical area that this resource encompasses includes all of the HSE North Cork area (From Millstreet to Mitchelstown) as well as including the Gardaí area of North East Kerry.

The Gardaí are often the first to be called to the scene of a suspected suicide. One of the actions outlined in the Irish National Strategy for Action on Suicide Prevention: Reach Out 2005 – 2014 relates to the provision of bereavement support information to Gardaí so that they can provide this to the relatives. We feel that Lighting the Way meets this need.

This pack is designed to be used through a range of services locally and nationally including An Gardaí Síochána, HSE frontline staff, community services listed within the resource itself as well as various national and city/ county wide services in the provision of information and support to those bereaved by suicide.

Download the Guide from here


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