The intersecting worlds of the food scientist and the chef: the changing needs of the modern food industry


The worlds of the food scientist and the chef, once very separate, are becoming increasingly close today, and it is clear that very exciting future opportunities in innovation and product development in food, whether in the kitchen or the plant, are likely to arise from this very vibrant interface.

Just as chefs are increasingly using scientific equipment, techniques and ingredients in their work, food companies are hiring chefs to work alongside scientists in research and product development, while artisanal food producers must often draw on both sets of knowledge and expertise.

This changing landscape presents novel challenges for those institutions who train and educate chefs and food scientists, and it is increasingly common internationally for new programmes that bridge these divides to appear, accompanied by research programmes reflecting these new disciplines, such as molecular gastronomy and culinology.

For a country like Ireland, with a proud international reputation for its history and culture in food, as well as the standard of its education and research programmes in the food sphere, this is thus a very timely topic for consideration.

To foster discussions in this regard, and following its very successful workshop on Molecular Gastronomy in February 2013, University College Cork will hold a one-day workshop on 18 June 2014 which will focus on:

  • The needs of industry and the wider food sector for new kinds of future graduates
  • International models for education and research in this field
  • Showcasing innovative programmes and initiatives in Irish higher educational institutions in this area
  • Potential future initiatives in this area

The workshop will be of interest to anyone in industry or other aspects of the food sector in Ireland or beyond, as well as those involved in food and culinary education and research.

The organisers wish to gratefully acknowledge the support of Enterprise Ireland and Rural Food Skillnet for this workshop.

Full programme to follow.

To reserve a place please fill out the attached form (see attachment) and return by email / post.

Contact information:

Mary McCarthy-Buckley

Training Manager

Food Industry Training Unit

College of Science, Engineering and Food Science

University College Cork



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