Train the Trainer FETAC 6

WebAvondhu Blackwater Partnership are delivering a well recognised and well respected FETAC 6 training. Aimed at those who are job seeking and who wish to engage in a course that will fine tune their practical skills for delivering training and their presentation skills as well as their understanding of learning theory, training needs analysis, training methodologies, evaluation procedures etc.. Participants often use the training as a means of formalising their already well experienced history of training in various employment settings. Others will use the training as a means of moving into supervisory roles and positions that require confidence in making presentations, conducting evaluations etc..

Participants will need to know their own particular area of training since the course will focus on developing their practical training skills, (not the area of expertise that they plan to deliver training in). Training will be delivered over 6 full training days in both Mallow and Fermoy locations. Places on the training are in high demand so early application is advised.

Application form and pre-training interview applies.

Contact Caitriona at (025) 33411  or


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