Avondhu Blackwater Partnership Career Coaching

Habits-for-Wellbeing-Career-Coaching-300x190Avondhu Blackwater Partnership is delivering Career Coaching  under the Local Community Development Programme (LCDP).

This course is ideal for the person who is unemployed and job seeking but unsure of where their focus should be, individuals who may not have worked for some time, or who are trying to redirect to entirely new areas of work will benefit from this support.

One to one, private and confidential meetings will help the individual to establish where they want to get to and how they are going to get there!. Work on identifying personal goals, selecting the area of work/training most suited to your interests and abilities and to explore realistic options for progression. Individuals will be helped to develop their own personal progression plan and to make job applications or engage in further training as appropriate.

The training  courses are fully funded (for eligible participants) by the LCDP and as such offer a meaningful training experience for people who are currently unemployed and seeking employment. They are aimed at people who are unemployed, formerly self employed, job insecure and who are up-skilling or diversifying in order to enhance employability. Funding and places on each course are very limited and demand always exceeds availability, therefore an application procedure will apply for all the trainings and early application is strongly advised.

In all cases, priority will be given to those people who are currently unemployed or job insecure and who are most interested and most likely to achieve employment as a result of the training. Participants do not necessarily have to be on the Live Register, although those who are will be eligible to apply. Individuals who are unemployed -formerly self employed , spouses of unemployed persons, those in receipt of other social welfare benefits e.g. Lone Parent, Disability etc. will also be eligible to apply. Due to a very high level of demand, the application procedure is designed to ensure that the limited opportunities are offered to those who can most benefit from the training .

Contact Caitriona at (025) 33411  or email caitriona@avondhublackwater.com


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