Cultural Heritage Tourism Cert – University College Cork

CHTThis course will provide the adult learner with a broad appreciation of the cultural heritage of Ireland and the many ways it can be presented as a tourism product. The teaching content provides direct engagement with tourism, an important sector of the economy in Ireland with significant potential for growth. The course provides a training opportunity for individuals interested in all aspects of cultural heritage, with a particular emphasis of those participating in community groups and local societies. The learning will assist those individuals and groups interested in developing small-scale heritage tourism initiatives, and will allow them to take advantage of employment and further training opportunities in the sector. The overall aim is to give students an understanding of the ways in which heritage can be promoted to improve the economic and social development of a community, coupled with a knowledge of the legal and moral constraints on development and selective promotion of heritage sites.

For further information:

Visit the website or contact

Dr Elena Turk
Department of Archaeology
University College Cork
e: t: 021 4904048


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