Web of Knowledge – Training for over 55’s in 2013/2014

keyboardAvondhu Blackwater Partnership ‘Community Connect’ has just completed the Benefit 4  introduction to Internet and Email course to over 55’s in Fermoy, Conna, Mallow and Blarney. These  courses began back in September and were delivered to complete beginners as well as to many  who had already dipped their toes in cyberspace. Learners have enjoyed the individual attention  information,  resources and opportunities to communicate that the Internet provides. They received the  support they needed to pursue hobbies, learn about Government services, send emails, download  digital photographs, buy online, book flights and hotels as well as how to stay safe online. Many Volunteers gave up much of their time to offer their skills and expertise to learners and helped in no small way to deliver the course. Their support and contribution has been immense and it would be difficult to deliver the course without their support.

Our learners continue to be supported by telephone during office hours and we also take email queries for anybody who has undertaken one of our courses and is having difficulty. We will talk you through whatever is preventing you from making progress.

The course has meant that many people who were nervous or reluctant around computers can now contact their families in Australia, Canada, UK and even in Donegal for free and chat to them face-to-face on Skype. Trainees were keen to let people know about the course: ‘Excellent course – best I ever did. I did a couple before but never got going. I am now definitely going to keep at it. The fact that there was individual attention with the tutors was very helpful’. The course also served to allay any of the concerns people feel when using computers: ‘I learned a lot, I am much less nervous to experiment and earn more on my own. Things seem much less complicated’. People also found it was like gaining a new hobby: ‘It has opened up a new interest in me’. Moving at a pace that suited the learner meant that people didn’t feel left behind ‘the course was very much geared to our ability and given in a way that gave us confidence in ourselves, Thank You’.

Courses will re-commence in late January for people who may like to gain some experience in using computers, Ipads and tablets. If you would like to receive more information or if you would like to register for the upcoming courses please contact Mary at 025/33411 or if you would like to get your parents online contact mary@avondhublackwater.com


One thought on “Web of Knowledge – Training for over 55’s in 2013/2014

  1. I found the individual tutoring excellent, I am using the computer much more frequently now and making much progress…I still get stuck but I don’t give up.
    It is great to know that you provide help at the other end of the phone.
    Thanks for everything.

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