2014 Traditional Farm Buildings Grant Scheme

277bba6278Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, today announced the opening of applications for the 2014 Traditional Farm Buildings Grant Scheme.

I am delighted that this scheme, run in partnership with the Heritage Council, continues to ensure that a number of traditional farm buildings which contribute to the visual landscape and are of historical and architectural value will be maintained into the future”.

The amount of funding being made available by the Minister in 2014 is €600,000. Farmers who are participants in the REPS 4 scheme and who are due to receive a REPS payment in respect of 2014 are eligible to apply and the grants will range from a minimum of €4,000 to a maximum of €20,000. The grants will enable approved applicants to carry out a range of approved conservation works to the exterior of farm outbuildings including the roof, outside surface of walls, windows and doors as well as repair work to historic yard surfaces, walls and gate pillars around the farm.

The scheme is a supplementary measure under the Department’s Rural Development Programme and has been operative in conjunction with REPS 4 since 2007.

The Minister announced that the closing date for receipt of applications for the scheme will be Monday 25thNovember 2013.  Details of the scheme will be published in the farming press this week and application forms will be available from the Heritage Council, Church Lane, Kilkenny Telephone 056 7770777.

The Minister expressed his appreciation to the Heritage Council for their assistance in administering the scheme in partnership with his Department.


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