Have you been left behind when it comes to the Internet?

tablet-being-used_2To date people over 65 years have been largely excluded from the IT revolution like Internet/Email and Social Networking sites and the benefits that they might gain from using IT. Avondhu Blackwater Partnership continues to deliver basic computers/Internet/Email/ Skype to older people and those seeking employment throughout the North Cork area.

Courses are currently available in Fermoy, Mallow and Blarney that allow people to learn at their own pace. Accessing the Internet, Email and Skype can alleviate isolation and loneliness as it helps people to develop and retain social connections and participate actively in their communities. Participating in community and having social connections are crucial factors in maintaining happiness and wellbeing among all age groups.

Avondhu Blackwater Partnership will ensure that participants of the course will receive adequate training to ensure they are digitally included. The course will allow participants to communicate for free with family and friends living away from home as well as sharing family photographs, accessing Government services and exploring Banking online during four 2 hour classes. The next class will begin in Fermoy on Monday, October 3rd Wednesday, October 16th

For more information about the course or to register a place for you or someone you know who could benefit from this training please contact Mary Allen at Avondhu Blackwater Partnership on 025/33411 or email mary@avondhublackwater.com


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