National Lottery Grant Scheme

The Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) has a National Lottery Discretionary fund in place which provides once-off grants to community groups and voluntary organisations with an involvement in the provision of Children’s and Youth services.

Amount of fund

The Department of Children and Youth Affairs entire 2013 allocation is €500,000

A similar fund was available during 2012 and 517 applications seeking in excess of €13.3m were received.  Of these 71 were approved with an average grant amount of €7,000 per project.

Grant levels

In 2013 the Scheme is targeting small scale projects and therefore the level of grant awarded will typically be for an amount less than €15,000.  In this instance applicants should ensure that proposals demonstrate how a meaningful and complete project can be progressed to completion with a grant of this scale.

For further details click on the link below:

dcya national lottery grant scheme_ informationfinal.doc

national lottery form 2013_application form.doc

national-lottery-logo department of children and youth affairs


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