Older People’s Connection to Community Important

SeniorGroupDespite perceptions that rural Ireland is not the best place to grow old in it has been found in research carried out by the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology in Galway that taking part in your community brings with it more positivity and a better quality of life.  Pursuing personal interests and projects brings more happiness into peoples lives.

Older peoples’ organisations contribute greatly to their communities and those who attend are more positive about their lives and about the areas they live in.  Many of these organisations are taking a break for the summer and will convene again later in the year providing an outlet for social interaction.  People involved in these groups take part in a variety of activities ranging from exercise to games; painting, card playing, information talks etc. and they also enjoy the cup of tea and chat.

Although the recession has financially crippled many people it has also meant greater neighbourliness in communities and this leads to more interaction between people of all ages.  People see more of each other in communities and many older people who have lived through a number of recessions have hints and tips that are invaluable to people trying to economise.

If you would like to join your local community group and need a contact number or indeed if you would like to start a senior group in your area then contact Mary at 025 33490 or email mary@avondhublackwater.com



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