Parenting Courses

poartntingA number of parenting courses are starting in Fermoy in the coming weeks.

Family Communication Course – this is a course for parents.  Most parents want to do their best for their children and to provide a loving home and a solid base for their growth. This course provides an opportunity for parents to look together at the joys and difficulties of parenthood and discover more effective ways of communicating with their children. Topics covered include – Communication and listening, needs of children, self-esteem – for all the family, the good enough parent, love and limits, health stress and drugs and resolving conflict.  There will be two course run, – one for parents of young children and one for parents of teenagers.  They will run for 2 hours a week for 8 weeks.

There will also be a one morning workshop run by Edel Lawlor for Parents on Children’s Challenging Behaviour on Friday April 26th from 10am to 12. This is a creative parenting workshop which looks at ways that parents can have better and more fulfilling relationships with their children.

If you are interested in these courses please contact  Aine Moher at Avondhu Blackwater Partnership on 025 33411 or  Aine O’Grady on 087 1479433.



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