Dripsey Community Association and Avondhu Blackwater Partnership say thank you to Handyman.

Time flies as the old adage goes and in the case of Dripsey Community Association Handyman Michael Dunlea this is certainly true. It is hard to believe that nearly a year has gone by since Michael started his rounds in and around Dripsey.

Michael is employed by Avondhu Blackwater Partnership under the Government Tús Initiative and placed with Dripsey Community Association. Michael began work in March 2012 and since has been a regular sight around Dripsey. The Handyman Service is provided to senior citizens in the area and covers those jobs that are too big for senior citizens to do by themselves and too small to call in a professional.

The types of work covered by Michael are gardening, grass cutting, hedge cutting, general garden and household maintenance. A painting service both indoor and outdoor is also available. All those leaking taps that have been dripping for years are now a thing of the past thanks to Michael.

According to Denis Mc Carthy (Chairperson of Dripsey Community Association), “The Handyman that D.C.A, have through Avondhu Blackwater Partnership is a valued and appreciated person to all that he works with. Not only a way for senior citizens to have little jobs and tasks done but is also a great source of company to the people.”

Under the Tús Initiative participants have a one year contract so unfortunately Michael will finish at the beginning of March. Avondhu Blackwater Partnership and D.C.A. would like to thank Michael for the dedication to his work and for the wonderful company he has been for all the people of the area.

A new Handyman (Timothy O’ Shea) will take over from Michael and if you wish to avail of the service please contact Denis Mc Carthy or any member of the Community Association.



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