Neighbourly Checks during Colder Weather

Screenshot_23_01_2013_11_17Avondhu Blackwater ‘Community Connect’ urges people to check on older people in their area during this cold snap.  Older people with limited mobility, health issues and those who live alone can be more affected by the extreme cold weather we are currently experiencing.  Older people who may themselves be concerned about their health or wellbeing are also urged to look for assistance or help if they feel they need it.

There is a greater need for older people to stay warm and should ensure they have sufficient heat and are encouraged to wear layers of warm clothing.  They can also feel the effects of colder weather for longer as their health may be affected as a result of the cold.  Having a friendly visit from a neighbour or friend can brighten up someone’s day while at the same time ensuring they  are safe and well.

If you are concerned about your older neighbour or indeed if you feel any older person requires some help then you should contact our befriending service at 025 33411 or email  If you would like to have a regular chat, increase your circle of friends or find out about what is going on in the senior circles then give us a call and get connected.



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