Community Food Initiatives Programme (2013-15) Funding

This is a call for Expressions of Interest in participating in the new all-island Community Food Initiatives (CFI) Programme for 2013-15. The main aim of the CFI Programme is to positively influence eating habits of families in a community setting. The main objective is to promote greater access and availability of healthy and safe food in low income areas through a Programme of local projects using a community development approach.

The Programme will be managed by Healthy Food for All[1] and funded by safefood[2].

The selection of projects for funding will be conducted in two stages. Initially projects will be requested to submit an Expression of Interest Form.  Projects successful at this stage will then be asked to fill in an Application Form. A maximum of ten projects will be chosen for funding.

Closing date for Expression of Interest Forms is Friday, 19th October, 2012.

Who Can Apply for Funding?

This funding is open to community groups with a low income focus who are aiming to influence positive eating habits among families in their area. Local community groups will be targeted via Community Development Projects, Family Resource Centres, Local Development Groups and Voluntary and Charitable organisations. As the programme has an all-island focus, a minimum of two projects will be selected from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Applications will NOT be accepted from profit-making or trading companies, individuals, local authorities or statutory bodies. Although, collaboration with such groups during the course of the project is welcomed e.g. HSE dietitians/Health promotion officers, Teagasc etc.

What Activities Can Be Funded?  

Here are examples of the types of projects that could be funded under the new Community Food Initiative Programme:

  • Buying equipment for a kitchen, e.g. pots and pans, or garden e.g. gardening tools/seeds.
  • Renting space to carry out training and education initiatives.
  • Education, training in skills development programmes e.g. cooking, food safety and hygiene, prevention of food wastage, shopping, parenting and budgeting.
  • Buying the time of a professional, e.g. part-time nutrition expert to work with groups and give classes advising on food purchasing, preparation and safe cooking practices and/or horticulturist to work with groups on community garden projects.
  • Establishing and supporting food access initiatives such as community cafés and local food co-ops.
  • Supporting groups to develop food related micro businesses e.g. food co-ops/ fruit tuck shops in school.
  • Community Supported Agriculture projects which help develop sustainable local food economies through supporting local networks.

What Activities Cannot be Funded?

It is important to emphasise that the funding should not be used entirely for existing work, or used exclusively for employing staff, but it should help the CFI in positively influencing the eating habits of families in the community.  We are not looking to fund the following individual activities:

  • Organisations that were previously successful in securing funding through the Demonstration Programme of Community Food Initiatives
  • Salary costs for core staff, although hiring part-time staff, for a particular aspect of the project, by your organisation can be funded under the Programme
  • Profit making or trading companies, individuals, local authorities or statutory bodies
  • Work that has already taken place
  • Capital costs such as a large piece of equipment or a vehicle
  • A group’s on-going project or running costs:   The CFI Programme is looking to invest in     innovative projects piloting new practices. The funding is not solely to support an existing activity. Proposals would need to demonstrate the addition of a new component that satisfies these criteria.

What Funding is Available?

Between seven and ten CFIs will be funded over a three year period. Each CFI will receive annual funding over a period of three years to set up, manage and sustain a project. Funding will be up to a maximum of €45,000 (£35,000) over the three year period.

Closing date for Expression of Interest Forms is Friday, 19th October, 2012.

For more information on Guidance Notes and to download the Expression of Interest Application Form, please click on the following link:

For further information please contact: Georgina Buffini at or 00 353 (0)86 152 6569.


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