Rathcormac Thank their TÚS Workers

Avondhu Blackwater Partnership Tús workers left to right Leslie O’ Connor, Patrick O’ Shea, Tom Brackett, Robert Keating and Con Dewale.

Rathcormac village has seen much change over the past decade; new housing developments and businesses have emerged while people from all around the county, country and world have made Rathcormac their home. The strong and vibrant Community Council readily availed of the Government Tús Initiative being implemented by Avondhu Blackwater Partnership and were allocated five workers. These workers, namely Tom Brackett, Con Dewale, Leslie O’ Connor, Patrick O’Shea and Robert Keating who commenced work on 13 of February have since completed many tasks and projects around the village. These tasks include, clearing of the overgrown Cornus on the Fermoy road, the building of a wall in Ashfield place and the newly wooden seating around the trees by the playground which will hopefully be enjoyed by visitors and locals alike for many a year to come. The stage scene which got widespread acclaim for the play Sive which was on in the Community Hall earlier this year was also erected and painted by the group. While these projects are easily seen, the group also do other work around the village on a weekly basis, gardening, painting, litter picking as well as assisting with the ever popular Car Boot Sale.

While Tom and Patrick are originally from Rathcormac they have formed a tight bond with Robert, Leslie and Con and together now they are a group of skilled workers with good team spirit. Thanks are also due to Ritchie O’ Regan of the Community Council who organises the day to day running of the group.

According to Frank Buckley(Chairperson) The Community Council” is delighted with the Tús initiative  and feels very lucky to have the five workers allocated. They each posses their own skills and talents and the work they have undertaken is innovative and of huge benefit to the community as a whole. Their work has rejuvenated the village especially the stone wall built and the new seating around the playground. No task is too big or too small and when a project is identified the work is accomplished quickly and efficiently.  The whole community is very grateful to Leslie, Tom, Patrick, Con and Robert and I’m sure many more ideas and projects will be completed. The Community Council are also deeply appreciative of the assistance of Avondhu Blackwater Partnership in this as well as the many other projects they are involved in together.

If your community would like to avail of the Tús initiative please contact any of the supervisors in Avondhu Blackwater Partnership at 025 33411 or 086 4112818.


One thought on “Rathcormac Thank their TÚS Workers

  1. what a great bunch of workers.they have improved Rathcormac’s appearance greatly and they will be missed when there scheme is finished its a pity we dont have enough of Cons stone work around the village as it inhance’s the appearance of Rathcormac .!!!

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