Wildflower Meadow at Briscoe Terrace, Fermoy

Students of Bishop Murphy School recently planted up a small patch of bare ground at Briscoe place Fermoy. Last April this was a patch of bare soil but is now flourishing as a small meadow, complete with a range of wildflowers including poppies, daises, marigolds, cornflowers and many more flowers that are becoming increasingly rare in the wild.

Wildflowers are very important to us as they help maintain a healthy eco-system. They attract beneficial insects that feed on the wildflowers and make their home in them. In turn these insects help to fertilise our crops to grow produce for us to eat and the insects are food for other wildlife. This is a very symbiotic relationship that needs to be maintained.

This meadow was planted by the students with the help of Avondhu Blackwater Partnership and Fermoy Town Council and will continue to bloom over the summer.


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