Composting demonstrations in Mallow in May

In conjunction with the County Council and the Stop Food Waste programme ( Donal O’Leary will be doing a series of composting workshops free of charge, at the garden allotment site behind the ITW HiCone factory at Quartertown Industrial Estate, Mallow.

The workshops will be on the 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29 and 31st of May (i.e. Tuesdays and Thursdays).
He will be there between 10.45 and 12.45 each of these days, and he envisages having 2 (roughly 1-hour) workshops in each 2-hour session.

The workshops will consist of a description of what composting is, how it works, how to do it properly, what can go wrong, and practical demonstrations of how to use different composting systems for food and garden waste.

If you are interested please contact Donal, or pass this information onto anyone else who might be interested. The more the merrier!

Donal O’ Leary


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