Avondhu Blackwater Community Connect Christmas Party

Christmas came again to participants of the Avondhu Blackwater Community Connect programme who were treated to a Christmas Party in Springfort Hall on Thursday last week. The traditional Avondhu Blackwater Community Connect Christmas Party takes place in January as the hustle and bustle of December makes travel and attendance difficult for some participants, and this year marked the largest attendance the event has had to date.

Over 200 people attended the party and programme coordinator Mary Allen was delighted with the way the day went. “We were able to use the Rural Transport Programme to bus most of the participants to Springfort Hall, and get them home again so Damien Tobin the Transport Coordinator deserves a lot of credit for his help in organising this”.

The party goers were treated to a wonderful meal with excellent service from the staff and then an afternoon of music courtesy of Jimmy o Donoghue and dance with raffles and prizes galore.

Mary continues, “as soon as the music started the gang were out on the floor and didn’t come off until 7.00pm when things wrapped up. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and that’s the whole point of the Avondhu Blackwater Community Connect, its all about participation and fun”.

We are always looking to get new participants on the programme and when word of the party spread, we were contacted by lots of new people so it was fantastic. Whenever we run a event such as this we get new faces, and theres always room for more

To find out about the events Avondhu Blackwater Community Connect run please contact Mary Allen on 025 33411.


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