Kilworth Area Enhancement Plan: Your community- You Decide!

How would you like to change your community to improve your quality of life?
How would you like to see Kilworth in 5, 10 or in 20 years time?

In order to guide the development of Kilworth towards your needs, your community is meeting to express an agreed vision. Avondhu Blackwater Partnership will guide your community through the steps to create an Area Enhancement Plan. We will then focus on the aspects of the Area Enhancement Plan that can be created in the immediate future.

Funding is available for projects from Avondhu Blackwater Partnership Ltd. under the Rural Development Programme 2007 – 2013. Other community groups have availed of this approach in the past to make significant enhancements to their locality.

You can help Kilworth to achieve the same!

The meeting will take place in Heaphy Grove Hall at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 24th Jan.

Kilworth needs YOU there!


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