Fermoy Christmas Wonderland Wins National Award!!

Fermoy has scooped a major National Award due to the efforts of the town in putting on the Christmas Wonderland Festival and the activities of the traders in the weeks leading up to it.

George Lee’s show, The Business, held a nationwide competition to find the towns in Ireland that had made the most effort to attract visitors over the Christmas period. The three categories were Best Small, Medium and Large Town, of which Fermoy won the Best Small Town!

At a live filming in Killarney on Monday night, Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CEO Valerie Murphy was presented with a special plaque honouring the achievement on behalf of the town.

Commenting after the award ceremony Valerie said, “it is an honour to accept this award on behalf of the town of Fermoy! The Fermoy Christmas Festival is in its infancy, having only run for its second year but the numbers were up nearly 25% on last year and the support from the businesses and townspeople has made it a wonderful success.

Valerie continued, “Our objective is to highlight the wonderful, shopping in the locality, the amenities available to visitors, and to promote the tourist package that Fermoy and North Cork offers. By winning this award Fermoy has shown that we are on the right path”.

The Fermoy Christmas Wonderland had over 22,100 visitors over the three days of the Event, with local traders and businesses reporting increased trade and revenues over the weekend. The Festival was funded by the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013.


One thought on “Fermoy Christmas Wonderland Wins National Award!!

  1. everyone having a good time over the National Award and not one thanks did i get for putting the town in the competition i contacted rte and told them about the town thats y there were here on the rte show they ask people to email about there town and y it should win so i told them all about what fermoy have done over the past 2 years and i told them the dates it would run this year anyway im very happy my town got it

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