Avondhu Blackwater Partnership: Towards Occupation Facilitator

Avondhu Blackwater Partnership Ltd., are seeking proposals from facilitators for the upcoming 2011/2012 Towards Occupation Programme. The Programme, in this case called the ELEVATE Training Programme  is Co-ordinated by The Local Development Company and funded by the Department for Social Protection. The Programme will be delivered in both Fermoy and Mallow.
The Elevate Training Programme is specifically targeted at those individuals feeling isolated, and lacking in self esteem. There will be a particular focus on confidence building with a view to preparing participants to progress to mainstream training or education.

The key objectives of the Training Programme are to:

  • Provide support guidance and training to individulas experiencing mental ill-health.
  • Facilitate them to identify their personal occupational requirements and the pathways to achieving them
  • Assist participants to access as independent a life as possible in social, cultural and economic terms, through the identification of progression opportunities and linkages to same.

The Training  Modules are:

  • Personal Development
  • Life Skills
  • CV Preparation and Interview Skills/ Progression Routes

The training will help to address blocks in the individuals career, work or relationships and  will help  identify the changes the client wishes to make in relevant areas of their life, through a clear plan of action in a focused and confident manner. At the end of the training programme, it is envisioned that the participant will feel more confident, aware and energised about their career/ direction and life opportunities, resulting in greater positive developments and more stress free living.

Duration:   Mid November 2011 to May 2012.    One morning per group per week.
Group  Size:  10 to 12 participants per group.
Past experience in a similar role essential. Shortlisting will apply.

Please forward Training Proposals to:
Veronica Gubbins
Development Officer/Towards Occupation Co-ordinator
Avondhu Blackwater Partnership Ltd.,
The Showgrounds
Co. Cork
Or email to veronica@avondhublackwater.com

Closing Date: 1.00 p.m. Friday 28th October 2011.


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