Water Meter Installation Courses

Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan, has confirmed that the national roll out of water meters to homes across Ireland will begin early next year.  In response to this, Avondhu Blackwater Partnership has teamed with Chevron Training and is now offering Water Meter Installation courses which will be ideally suited to the person who wishes to up-skill and develop expertise ahead of this initiative.

The Water Meter Installation training is being provided for those individuals who have experience in the construction sector and those with traditional trades who now find themselves unemployed, underemployed or facing redundancy or job insecurity.

The overall aim is to facilitate individuals to re-direct their existing skills from the declining construction sector to the more opportunistic and growing renewable sector.  We aim to match the skills and experience of each individual with the training offered in order to ensure that that maximum benefits for each individual is achieved.

The Water Meter Installation courses will be held over three days on the following dates: Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th October in the Mallow GAA Complex and in Blarney Woollen Mills.

Please contact Avondhu Blackwater Partnership at 025 33411 for an application form. All application forms should be returned no later than Friday the 14th of October.


One thought on “Water Meter Installation Courses

  1. Do Avondhu Blackwater Partnership feel the Minister made fools of them offering jobs that are now being carried out by Northern Ireland sub contractors?

    When will the Irish Government learn they are supposed to be looking after the Irish people first, being a nice neighbor or a good European should come a distant second.

    There are very few (if any) places in the Six Counties where my accent and / or Southern registration number would be tolerated if I was taking the work off a local.

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