Funding Availability for Business Entrepreneurs

Avondhu Blackwater Partnership has announced the availability of funding for business innovation and micro enterprises in the Blackwater Valley region. In a statement this week the company CEO Valerie Murphy said, “measure 312 of our Rural Development Programme sets aside funding for Business Creation and Development. We have recognised that with the tough economic conditions currently afflicting the country, many people have begun to look at themselves and wonder if they have the potential to own their own business. Naturally with this comes the requirement for funding and that is where Avondhu Blackwater Partnership can help”.

In recent times Avondhu Blackwater Partnership has placed increasing emphasis on providing aid to businesses in the region.  They have appointed a dedicated Micro Enterprise specialist and a Marketing officer to provide support for businesses through business plans and marketing advice. They are now emphasising the availability of funding for business initiatives as Valerie concludes, “one single person that avails of our services could be set on their own path and also save the exchequer tens of thousands of Euro each year in payments. Its a win- win situation”.

For further information on the business supports you could avail of please contact Avondhu Blackwater Partnership on 025 33411, or email

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