Mallow Residents Doing it for Themselves

Avondhu Blackwater Partnership have worked closely with the residents of Sean Moylan Park in the past year and last week Paddy Whelan, Chairman of the Mallow Estates Development Association was on hand to give us a tour of the park and the town to show the results of the partnership. Paddy’s passion remains undimmed as he acted as a tour guide showing us around Waters Place, O Callaghan Square, Seamus Murphy Place and Sean Moylan Park, as well as the work done on the Limerick Road roundabout.

The clear message coming across is that the achievements and upgrades in the parks are overwhelmingly because the people have taken the bull by the horns themselves. Pointing to the stonework flowerbeds and the newly planted trees framing the entrance to the park Paddy said “people look at this and think that the council did it. But its not the case, it was the people themselves who have funded most of this. They are the ones who planned the works, they raised most of the funds and it’s the people themselves who maintain it”.

Timmy Griffin of the Sean Moylan Residents Association echoed these sentiments as he talked through what the Association have achieved and plan to do in the coming months. He explained the spectacular square stone flowerbeds at the entrance to the park were done by voluntary labour. They have become a centrepiece, and have been augmented by planting of trees, flowerbeds and shrubs. Timmy also outlined where they hope to expand in the future and the positive effects of the schemes for today.

The kids all got involved in the work we do, whether its just getting their hands dirty or picking up papers. The thing here is if they get involved when they’re small they’re less likely to vandalise it when they’re older.

Avondhu Blackwater Partnership was able to contribute planning and funding towards flowers and plants for the scheme and it was something that Paddy was quick to acknowledge. His message is that if things are to happen in today’s Ireland then the residents of Sean Moylan Park are an example to follow.

In his position as Chairman of the Mallow Tidy Towns committee Paddy displayed work undertaken by the organisation on the Limerick road, also funded by Avondhu Blackwater Partnership, which frames the entrance to the town.

The council have no money and waiting for them to do it for you you’ll be a while. Look at what the folks in Mallow have done for themselves, and that’s the way to get things done in times to come”.

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