Mallow Men’s Retirement Group Information Afternoon on Know Your Rights!!

Mallow Men’s Retirement Group has been set up recently and to date members have viewed some All-Ireland Hurling finals from the 60’s and 70’s.  The group will host speakers from time to time and on May 26th Ann Marie Tierney from the Citizen Information Centre will give a comprehensive information and advice presentation on all of your rights and entitlements.    Avondhu Blackwater Partnership have set up a number of these Men’s Retirement Groups throughout the Avondhu Blackwater are as part of a strategy to encourage older men to engage in community activities.  Most community activity groups throughout the area are starved of the company of men and there is also a marked absence of older men at social activities and events.

Following retirement some men can feel isolated and fill their time watching TV, not exercising and not seeing many people.  Men’s health can physically and mentally decline, sickness can set in as loneliness takes over.  Adjusting to retirement can be difficult.

Retirement can be a time to develop a new skill.  Lots of hobbies await you, a return to education, further education, its never too late to learn to play an instrument now that you have the time. You could even pass on a skill that has sustained you all your life. Exercise classes take place in most communities to help you remain active and healthy.  Mallow Active Retirement Group provides oodles of opportunities to engage you socially with day excursions, cinema trips and concerts.

If you would like to know more about the Mallow Men’s Retirement Group or Blackwater Community Connect contact Mary at 025/33411 or email


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