Senior Men’s Health Awareness Meeting in Femoy, 25th May at 2.30pm

Despite increasing awareness and the availability of information surrounding the topic, it is a fact that men still lag behind women when it comes to the awareness of their health. Men still tend to delay visits to the doctor, preferring to “save them up” for one visit where they then present a range of ailments. This may save money but crucially they waste precious time that could be used in diagnosing unseen illnesses.

Avondhu Blackwater Partnership are therefore organising a special talk for Men’s Health Awareness which will take place in the Fermoy Youth Centre 25th May at 2.30pm.

The HSE will be represented by Brendan Scahill who will speak about the importance of good nutrition, eating well, issues on mental wellbeing and things that men can do for themselves to help prevent simple illnesses from growing into something more serious.

Mary Allen, coordinator of the Community Connect Programme with Avondhu Blackwater Partnership commented “we have a range of schemes in the Community Connect Programme to target issues facing the elderly in our society. We have a great handyman on call, the telephone befriending service is growing all the time and our Christy Ring DVD showings are hugely popular and are being rolled out across the Avondhu Blackwater region. “

Men’s health though is a topic though that is very much unspoken about among the over 65’s and we are hoping that by imparting a few simple rules of thumb and highlighting certain facts that it may get the men thinking more about looking after their engine a bit more. After all they only have one body and they should look after it, nobody else will do it for them

Ring Mary at 025/33411 for further details or indeed if you have any queries.

For more information on Avondhu Blackwater Partnership and Blackwater Community Connect, visit our webpage at You can also  follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up to date news on events, courses and other funding opportunities!


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