TidyTowns Competition Launch

The TidyTowns competition for 2011 was officially launched by Mr. Phil Hogan, T.D., Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, together with Mr. Martin Kelleher, Managing Director of SuperValu, sponsors of the competition.

Speaking at the launch in Farmleigh, Minister Hogan said, “SuperValu and my Department are asking people to get out and ‘get their hands dirty for TidyTowns’ in 2011. Last year saw over 760 towns and villages entering the competition and it is our intention that it will be even bigger and better this year.”

The Minister also expressed his gratitude to SuperValu, the competition’s sponsor, for their continued support over the last twenty years. “I’d like to thank to thank SuperValu for their unwavering support which has helped to sustain and grow this competition over the years. It must be one of the longest-running sponsorships of its kind in Ireland.”

Mr. Martin Kelleher, Managing Director of SuperValu added, “we live in challenging economic and social times, but what the TidyTowns Awards demonstrate time and again, is the total commitment and dedication of people up and down the country to their local communities.  For us there is no better way of demonstrating our commitment to helping build vibrant local communities than this sponsorship. TidyTowns is a real example of the benefits that volunteering, hard work and perseverance can bring to a local community. The devotion of the TidyTowns committees and their members is an inspiration to us all.”

In order to supplement the excellent work of TidyTowns groups, the Minister also announced a special grant to assist local authorities in improving the appearance of our urban and rural environment.  The grants, totalling €350,000, are to support a once-off event – Civic Responsibility Week – which will run from 9 May to 15 May.  The Minister stated, “I am pleased to launch this initiative which will assist local authorities in improving the visual amenity of their areas.  With the forthcoming State visits it is important that we present our country in the best possible light, as a clean and green destination to live, work and do business in.  In order to maximise the impact of this initiative, I will be encouraging local authorities to strengthen their links with existing community groups, including TidyTowns committees. I would ask these groups to seize this initiative.  Today sees the launch of a new campaign which asks people to ‘get their hands dirty for TidyTowns’ and I hope that Civic Responsibility Week will be further encouragement for even more people to become involved.”

The Minister also announced his intention to review enforcement policy on littering with a view to introducing new measures to tackle this problem. “There remains within our society, a small group of people who continue to recklessly dump and litter. This behaviour must stop; it is socially unacceptable and has economic implications for society as a whole.

TidyTowns has been improving the environment in which we live for decades and has helped to foster Ireland’s image abroad as clean and green.  I would like to see the competition continue to grow and I would encourage everybody to get out there and do their bit for their community.”

The closing date for receipt of entries for this year’s competition is 20th May 2011.

Click here for Entry Form


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