Elevate Training Programme Seeks Participants in Mallow

The Elevate Training Programme  is designed to provide those who are distant from the labour market to develop the skills and confidence to move into employment, self employment, education, training, voluntary work or other directions. The Programme will be delivered by Avondhu Blackwater Partnership Ltd, through an innovative combination of training, guidance and support.

The Elevate Training Programme is specifically targetted at those feeling isolated, lacking confidence, the long term unemployed, with a particular focus on those who suffer from mental health difficulties.

The Key Objectives of the Elevate Training Programme are to:

  • Provide support, guidance and training to individuals experiencing mental ill-health.
  • Facilitate them to identify their personal occupation requirements and the pathways to achieving them.
  • Assist participants to access as independent a life as possible in social, cultural and economic terms, through the identification of progression opportunities and linkages to same.

Elevate Training is a modular and flexible part time programme and will facilitate opt in and out at different stages of the Programme.

The programme will include:

  • Personal Development
  • Life Skills
  • Computers
  • Career Planning, CV Writing
  • Progression Routes
  • WRAP – Wellness and Recovery Action Planning
  • Craft/ Practical skills depending on the needs and interests of the participants.

The indirect approach to personal development by way of craft, vocational skills and group work is effective as it encourages individuals to express themselves and integrate with others in a supportive manner.

There will be an induction at commencement and reviews at regular intervals throughout the programme.

The proposed timescale for the Programme is November 2010 to June 2011.

At present the Elevate Training Programme  is underway in Fermoy and is proving to be very successful.

The Programme will begin in Mallow early this spring and we are currently seeking participants.

All participants on the programme must be in receipt of a social welfare payment or must be the dependent of a social welfare recipient.

For further information please call : Veronica Gubbins at (025) 33411.

For more information on Avondhu Blackwater Partnership visit our webpage at www.avondhublackwater.com. You can also  follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up to date news on events, courses and other funding opportunities!


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