Upcoming Seminar: Unfinished Housing Estates

The National Housing Development Survey published 21st October 2010 has identified over 2,800 housing developments where construction had commenced but had not been completed.* This survey is intended to provide clear basis for future actions. Irish Rural Link is part of the advisory group established to develop practical and policy solutions to unfinished estates.

IRL is seeking input from interested parties and rural communities to consider issues such as security, capital, alternative uses and policy changes with a view to establishing recommendations on best practise for managing and resolving unfinished housing developments. The purpose of the seminar is to discuss solutions and recommendations to address the issue of unfinished housing estates. Expert speakers will attend on the day. The seminar will focus on rural areas, and explore the role of communities and community organisations in developing local solutions that are appropriate to particular types of developments.

Please see Irish Rural Link for more Details.


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