Tender for Mallow Estates Initiative

Avondhu Blackwater Partnership invite tenders from suitably qualified researchers using appropriate Community Development Approach and Methodologies to conduct a comprehensive community based needs analysis, community and stakeholder consultations, quantitative and qualitative profile and recommendations document for the Community Partnership in the Local Authority Estates in Mallow Co. Cork.

The development work in the Mallow Estates is at a very early stage.  An existing ‘representation’ group exists called MEDA – Mallow Estates Development Association’ which is made up of volunteers resident in the estates who have an interest in the issues and development of both the residents and the estates.  Avondhu Blackwater Partnership is working with this group and others in identifying needs and developing responsive initiatives.  It is hoped that the outcomes from these consultations and the profile and recommendations from the research will ultimately set out a programme of work for the area. (For Avondhu Blackwater Partnership and other appropriate stakeholders)

As part of the LCDP work in 2010 and 2011, Avondhu Blackwater Partnership will work with the existing structure of the Mallow Estates Development Group  to:

  1. Identify Community Development needs in the Estates
  2. Develop a youth representatiave group  for the area
  3. Produce a community newsletter in association with MEDA
  4. Engage a researcher to undertake community consultations and compile a comprehensive profile, needs and recommendations document
  5. Work with MEDA to particpate and/or facilitate group meetings and support parrallel development initiatives while awaiting outcomes of this initiative
  6. Help strengthen structures and local representation process
  7. Respond in so far as budget and staff capacity will allow to relevant recommendations arising from this profiling initiative

It is expected that Community Development initiatives such as these will most likely emerge in the recommendations for Partnership delivery of LCDP initiatives.

For further information and the Tender Documentation please contact Caitriona Horgan on 025 33411 or by email caitriona@avondhublackwater.com

The deadline for applications to tender is Wednesday 20th October.


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