Training Support for people experiencing unemployment, reduced working week and redundancy.

In recognition of the many needs emerging in the community for people who are experiencing unemployment, a reduced working week or redundancy, Avondhu Blackwater Partnership are responding by running various training initiatives .

We are fully aware of the uncertain times that many are facing’ says Caitriona Horgan of Avondhu Blackwater Partnership ‘and are making every effort to respond in a practical and appropriate way to the training and support needs emerging’. ‘We recognise that some training opportunities, due to their funding criteria,  require the participant to be on a Job Seekers payment to be eligible.  However, we are also conscious of the various nuance of need for those who are not in receipt of Job Seeker payments or are currently working in a part time capacity or facing redundancy’.  Many individuals are looking to avail of relevant training to run alongside their work.

Avondhu Blackwater Partnership have identified various needs and are working closely with the community and other service providers to ensure that needs are matched with training initiatives and are delivered within the context of realistic opportunities in the area.

Caitriona encourages people to avail of training and to discuss their needs with Avondhu Blackwater Partnership to explore possible avenues for progression.  All courses are free or heavily subsidised.

Career Guidance for Job Seekers:

Career2Fit:  Aimed at people who are on Job Seeker payment for 3 months or more.  The main focus of the training is to provide a short effective career guidance course to help individuals who have become unemployed to look at their skills, values, goals, interests. The course will guide participants in working out a personal career plan to help them transfer their skills into new areas of employment.  In essence to examine where they are at in their career/job situation, where they would like to be, if their choices are realistic and opportunistic, and essentially, the steps that they need to take to get to where they want to be.  Delivered over 3 days in a 3 week period, this course helps people to identify their skills and is a natural first step in the route back to employment or further training.   While all expressions of interest will be considered, priority will be given to those who are under 35 years old and with education levels at or  below Leaving Certificate Level.

Information and registration sessions will be held on Tuesday 14th September 2010 in the following locations

Mallow : 11.00am  Hibernian Hotel

Fermoy: 3.00pm Avondhu Blackwater Partnership Offices, Showgrounds

Blarney: 7.30pm Blarney Castle Hotel

Other Training Initiatives Include:

Practical Training for those in declining sector wishing to transfer to growth sector

These training courses are very practical in nature.  They are aimed at people who are perhaps working reduced hours or facing redundancy or  have become unemployed and would like to re-train to transfer their skills to growth areas. They are ideal for individuals coming out of the construction industry, or those seeking off-farm part time work. Typically these courses are short and will be scheduled to suit people job seeking and those who are currently working.  Examples include Water Meter Installation, Rainwater Harvesting,  Domestic Insulation Installation and Solar Panel Installation.    While participants do not necessarily have to be in receipt of  a social welfare payment,  or be formerly qualified in their trade, priority will be given to those individuals who are most likely to use the opportunity to build on their experience and use the re-training as a springboard into sustainable employment.

Training for those who  have been out of employment for a long time and wish to return to the workforce, education or training on a  full-time or part-time basis.

These training courses are designed to cater for the individual who, for whatever reason, has been out of the work force for some time or indeed is seeking employment for the first time.  Participants will have a longer, more supported avenue back to employment and will receive one to one guidance and support, group delivered sessions and follow- through support after the training.  Please feel free to chat through your needs in full confidence.

Train the Trainer:

This course will be aimed at individuals who have a particular skill or knowledge and who wish to acquire the skills of course design, delivery and facilitation.  The aim is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to develop and deliver effective training progammes.  On completion, participants will be eligible for inclusion on the FAS/Enterprise Ireland National Register of Trainers.  The course (FETAC Level 6) will help the particpants to become confident communicators who can impart their knowledge in a  professional manner.  Examples of successful participants are a hairdresser who used the training to become confident in teaching hairdressing as a night class, a person who had an interest and knowledge in local history, using the training to become a tour guide, a volunteer in a community committee using the training to professionalise the skills gathered through years of volunteering.

For education or training enquiries please contact Caitriona at 025/33411 or email or visit our webpage at  and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


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