Stepping Stones to Moving from Job Seeking to Employment

In recognition of the numbers of people currently job seeking and trying to re-direct their skills to new work opportunities, Avondhu Blackwater Partnership, in conjunction with Career Decisions and the Labour Market Activation Fund, are offering a FREE Career Guidance Programme specifically developed to help unemployed people identify suitable training and career opportunities.

The current climate of unemployment from the declining sectors such as construction, manufacturing, wholesale and retail’ says Caitriona Horgan of Avondhu Blackwater Partnership ‘is affecting a lot of people’. ‘However’, she continues ‘While change is difficult, people can take this opportunity to reassess their situation and look at re-directing themselves into new areas of work, training or education and be ready to step in to the growth sectors’.  ‘Of course jobs are the priority, but taking the opportunity to look at oneself in a supported setting, is an ideal way to make the right choices about future career and training decisions’ she says,  ‘And we wish to help people use their time constructively’.

The Career 2 Fit programme is short but effective. Delivered over 3 weeks on a part time basis (3 contact days), it helps people to build a realistic career and learning plan that encompasses career advancement and a targeting of opportunities in economic growth sectors.  It uses proven and scientific measures to help the participant to look at where they are at, where they want to go and most importantly the steps that they need to take to get there!

The Programme will suit:

  • Those who are currently in receipt of job seeker payment (3 months or more) and unsure what to do next
  • Those who are unsure about what they are best suited to and how to go about identifying training/job opportunities in the growth sectors
  • People thinking about changing direction or re-skilling to transfer to other work areas
  • People who want to maximize the use of their time by doing a short, efficient and effective course
  • People who want to develop a personalised, step-by-step CAREER PLAN based on their own needs, interests, skills, and values.

How do I take the first step?

Why not come along to the upcoming information session in your area.  To register your interest contact Caitriona Horgan at Avondhu Blackwater Partnership Ltd on 025 33411 or emailing

Phone to register for information session and details of venues:

Mallow Area Tues 14th Sept at 11.00am
Fermoy Area Tues 14th Sept at 3.00pm
Blarney Area Tues 14h Sept at 7.30pm


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