National Spring Clean 2010 a Huge Success!

Reidents of  Barryscourt, Fermoy taking part in National Spring Clean

Reidents of Barryscourt, Fermoy taking part in National Spring Clean

Once again the residents of Fermoy have come together to clean up their town during National Spring Clean Week 2010. With a huge amount of rubbish collected, it shows the pride that the residents of Fermoy have in their areas. Valerie Murphy CEO of Avondhu Blackwater Partnership recognised the determination and hard work of the people of Fermoy in maintaining their areas to such high standards. In recent years, Fermoys success in the National Tidy Towns Competition is a tribute to those who keep Fermoy a litter free town and reduce the amount of rubbish that is dumped illegally.

National Spring Clean is Ireland’s most popular, well recognised and successful anti-litter initiative. Now in its 12th year, the campaign encourages every sector of society to actively participate and take responsibility for litter, by actually conducting clean-ups in their own local environment. National Spring Clean is run in conjunction with Avondhu Blackwater Partnership Ltd, Fermoy Tidy Towns, Fermoy Town Council and An Taisce.

Avondhu Blackwater Partnership are fully committed to the creation of an overall greener lifestyle in the local community and actively raising awareness around environmental issues such as waste management, water pollution, energy conservation and sustainable living.


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